Welcome to our Nido class!

For children (3 to 15 months old) and their parents
Nido is an Italian word that means “nest”. For our class, it signifies a warm, comfortable, cozy place for children and their parents. This is where our students take their first steps in exploring the world around them. We understand that parents are discovering and adapting to life with their newborn, so our NIDO class serves moms and dads as well.
All facilities in our school are created with safety and engagement for children of all ages in mind. Everything here is designed to ensure that our youngest students are successful in the period of the most significant development - the first year of their lives, with the help of Montessori activities and an aesthetic environment. By exploring the Montessori environment twice a week, children develop motor skills in addition to forming logical cause-and-effect relationships. We are focused on creating a safe space where our youngest students can develop their independence.
The initial foundation of a child's personality takes place through the exploration of the world around them. During our class, while your baby is making new discoveries, you will learn:
How to watch your child’s development
How to set up a home environment
How to help your child in these crucial months and create conditions in which they will successfully develop their independence, attention skills, and motor skills.
NIDO students are also active listeners of music, equipped with materials for hand manipulation and the tools for engaging with the necessities of practical life.

After finishing the NIDO level, you will be able to join the “Montessori Baby and Me” classes for our younger toddlers and their parents.
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