Hopscotch Montessori

Preschool Franchise

Create a space of your dreams with Hopscotch Montessori, an international network of Montessori schools! With over 15 years of running an educational business, we know exactly what it takes to establish a successful school. We take pride in serving a thriving community of 270 families, speaking over 30 languages. Committed to nurturing children aged 0 to 12 years old, we have become a trusted institution in the vibrant cities of New York, Toronto, and Kyiv.
Why Hopscotch Montessori Franchise?
At Hopscotch, we create schools located in big cities. Our clients represent diversity worldwide, with people from many different cultures and histories. Children find themselves in our classrooms designed to awaken their unique character, where they can be bold and have no limits to their growth! With unwavering attention to detail, a genuine love for what we do, and an innate passion for people, we embarked on this journey. It all started with a small yet formidable team, ready to make a lasting impact on the lives of countless families from all around the world!

We have crafted our Franchise kit to encompass every essential tool, our guiding philosophy, branding elements, daily operations frameworks, best practices, effective marketing strategies, and the invaluable knowledge gained from our practical experience. We approach franchising with the utmost care, ensuring that the quality associated with our name and our commitment to families are never compromised. We believe in the power of sustained support and connection.

Our dedicated management team remains by your side throughout your journey, offering mentorship and coaching. This invaluable resource ensures that every aspect of your school operates flawlessly, staying true to the rich traditions of Hopscotch Montessori.

What makes us unique?

Powerful Brand: exceptional service, cutting-edge education, collaborative team, and a thriving global community of educators and clients.

A refined operational framework for school management, brand development,and enjoyment!

Seamless collaboration with our support team throughout your school building journey.

In-house training center for school leaders, administrators, and teachers.

Experience entering international markets.

Sustainable and adaptable financial model.

International recognition.

Comprehensive Franchise Kit equipped with essential tools to overcome obstacles, backed by support and mentorship along your journey.
How do we train our franchises?
Initial Leadership Training through Hopscotch Hub
Intro Days
Welcome Training for the whole Team
Start Support Team
(included in the Opening Assistance Fee)
- Owners & School Leadership (Heads of School, Director, Administrators)
- 3-month training program: Online with Mentorship
- Owners & School Leadership (Heads of School, Director, Administrators)
- 3 days onsite
- 2 days for observation and reflection, specifically on operations and working environment
- 5 days onsite
- Orientation
- Site location consultation
- Presentation for landlord
- Lease advice
- Consultation and review of architectural plans
- Construction consultation
- Design project standards
- Recommendations and approval for suppliers
- Onsite and offsite support
- School structure (Classrooms, products, and plans of development)
- Checklist of opening
- Staff hiring timeline
- Recommendations for all technology system
What is the process of getting our franchise?
Step 1. Initial Application for Franchise. Fill out the form below.
Step 2. You will receive our welcome package with all the important information about the Franchise Kit. Now you will need to get to know us better
Step 3. A video conference. We'll discuss all the questions you might have.
Step 4. Financial and Market Research Questionnaire. Fill out and send it to us.
Step 5. You will receive a Financial Model from Hopscotch.
Step 6. Reviewing the Franchise agreement.
Step 7. Final interview with Hopscotch management team.
Step 8. We sign the contract!