Montessori Baby and Me

For Toddlers (15-24 months) and their parents
Once your baby has confidently taken their first steps, you can join the "Montessori Baby and me" group. We use songs, books, and Montessori materials to develop and enrich children's growing language skills. Our Montessori guides carefully create a comfortable atmosphere where every child feels comfortable and boldly explores the environment.
Children under the age of 6 learn about the world through their senses. Montessori environments are rich with a wide range of materials that engage children's senses. Children can manipulate objects, identifying various attributes and sensory sensations. There are many practical life materials, objects for classifying and sorting, language activities, movement, art, and music in the classroom.
Parents learn along with their children taking tips from the teacher and observing and guiding their child. Montessori teachers will work closely with the parents and introduce children to the classroom. We are teaching them how to interact with their baby to encourage independence and constructive activities. Parents can ask for advice about their child's development, education, and organization of the home environment. 7-8 children and their parents can simultaneously participate in the group, allowing them to share their experiences and create a parenting community.

Your Montessori guide will also give recommendations on further adaptations for children in preparation for the next stage - an independent visit to the Montessori Toddler group (for children 24 months- 3 years old).
The classes include circle time at the beginning and end to get to know everyone's names, introduce the lesson or theme, and then for closure and saying goodbye. During the class, we incorporate music, reading, and finger games. Children start working with authentic Montessori materials and tools in the kitchen area; they also begin to create their first artworks and explore their creativity. These activities help with the development of fine motor skills, aesthetic perception, and creative thinking.
Toddlers who start with The Nido and Montessori Baby and me groups become familiar with the school's classroom routines and customs. They know how to work with some materials, independently make activity choices, and orient themselves in a Montessori environment. Additionally, they begin to build their relationship with our educators. All this helps create a comfortable beginning for your child's first school experience and preparation for the Toddler program.
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