Student Notebooks & Portfolio Development
Students keep records of their learning progress, reflections, and achievements
Project-Based Learning
Students work on meaningful projects that help develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills
Real-Life Learning Experiences
Practical, hands-on activities are integrated into lessons to make learning more relatable and useful in everyday life
Individual Lessons
Teachers create personalized lessons to meet the unique needs and learning styles of each student
Small Group Activities
Students work together in smaller groups, promoting collaboration and active participation
Large Group Presentations
Teachers use interactive lectures and demonstrations in the classroom to engage students together
This is how we do it

Elementary curriculum


This curriculum nurtures children’s natural curiosity and encourages the development of systematic thinking. Children learn about various subjects such as:

  • Zoology and Botan
  • Matter and Energy
  • Earth science
  • Astronomy
  • Human development
  • Personal health
  • Coding
  • Technological art

Our classrooms are equipped with science labs, libraries, high tech computers, movie making equipment and cameras. Hands-on experiences and scientific materials are used to understand both environmental processes and human technology. The curriculum also places significant emphasis on sustainable science, aiming to deepen appreciation for our world and understanding of our place within the natural order of things. The ultimate goal is to develop an ecological perspective and instill a profound sense of responsibility for the Earth.

As much as we love NYC, we also know how important it is to get out and into the woods! Once a month, our students venture out of the city to embrace the wonders of the forest. Amidst lush greenery, they study trees, observe animals, learn about indigenous cultures, and explore the fascinating ecosystem of New Jersey in The Great Swamp Nature Center.

This curriculum, dedicated to biome studies, empowers students to better comprehend the world around them through observing seasonal changes, animal behaviors, and plant life. Children gain a deeper understanding of unique features of each biome. The immersive learning experience nurtures a stronger bond with nature and fosters a broader perspective on the rich diversity of life on our planet. The students also make meaningful connections between the outdoor curriculum and their classroom work.
In our comprehensive Geography curriculum, children delve into political, economic, and scientific geography. Students build on their mapping skills, identifying continents, countries, capitals, oceans, rivers, mountains, and landmarks. Integrating our study of biomes, kids begin to identify human characteristics of places, continents, and countries. They learn about different cultures, languages, beliefs and traditions. The program also includes Interaction with people from different countries, learning about their experience, building unit study on different challenges in the world. This course progresses from large concepts to smaller ones, providing a well-structured learning experience.
As elementary students delve into the captivating past, they explore fundamental concepts of time—past, present, and future—while discovering the essential needs of humans and their fascinating connections to various biomes and cultures. They venture on an enthralling journey through ancient civilizations, unlocking historical timelines that transport them through the ages. The world becomes their playground as they immerse themselves in both the mesmerizing tapestry of US and world history. With an inquisitive spirit, they examine significant global events from multiple perspectives, broadening their understanding of the rich tapestry of human experiences.

And right at the heart of this awe-inspiring historical exploration, lies a special focus on the incredible history of New York City! From its vibrant beginnings to the iconic moments that shaped its destiny, the students discover the city’s captivating story, woven with excitement and curiosity. In this engaging learning phase, history comes to life, leaving students inspired and eager to uncover even more remarkable stories from the chronicles of the past.
Students embark on a captivating mathematical journey, building a solid foundation of quantities and numbers. As they progress, they skillfully deconstruct these numbers using the magic of fractions and decimals, opening the door to new and exciting territories of exploration. Along this adventure, they encounter fascinating concepts such as odd and even numbers, improper and mixed fractions, nomenclature, and various representations.

As their mathematical prowess grows, they delve deeper into the world of arithmetic, mastering essential operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. They also unlock the secrets of more advanced concepts, including the intriguing Greatest Common Factor (GCF), Lowest Common Multiple (LCM), prime and composite numbers, as well as the art of simplifying fractions and discovering equivalencies.

Throughout this captivating journey, students' mathematical knowledge expands and flourishes, paving the way for their continued success in the realm of numbers and beyond.
In our Geometry class, we embark on an exciting journey through shapes, unveiling their patterns, relationships, and measurements in both 2-D and 3-D dimensions. It’s a thrilling adventure filled with fun discoveries!

As we dive into this captivating subject, we learn how these measurements have practical applications in our everyday lives. From understanding shapes and sizes to appreciating symmetry and congruence, we explore the fascinating world of scale and how it affects our perception of objects. Our older students get to unlock the magic of formulas! These powerful tools allow them to calculate precise measurements for various shapes and figures, making them feel like mathematical wizards!

Through word problems and creative exercises, we explore the world of percentages, ratios, and conversions, all while using the four fundamental operations in mathematics. It’s like solving real-life puzzles that make us feel like mathematical detectives! Additionally, we get to explore more exciting topics like time, graphs, statistics, and probability. Imagine discovering the secrets behind graphs and charts, decoding the language of statistics, and unraveling the mysteries of probability—it's an adventure that keeps us on the edge of our seats!
Our Language Arts curriculum is designed to spark a love for language, communication, storytelling in our students and reading. We start by nurturing spoken language development, encouraging our students to express themselves confidently and clearly. As they progress, we embark on thrilling adventures in writing, where they discover the magic of words and sentences using our moveable alphabet—a delightful way to learn spelling!

Building proficient phonological awareness is a playful journey that helps our students become wordsmiths, unlocking the secrets of language structure for effective communication. Reading becomes a gateway to knowledge as they dive into diverse and captivating texts, sparking their curiosity and imagination.

Word Study is a key focus, igniting their lexicon and interpretive abilities like never before! They’ll have a blast exploring the many facets of words and their meanings. In the realm of writing, we guide our young writers on a journey from single words to wondrous compositions! They’ll master cursive writing, adding flair to their creativity, and discover the joy of using figurative language to add color and depth to their stories.
Our writer’s workshop focuses on spelling, sentence analysis, grammar, and all aspects of writing mechanics. Punctuation is reinforced through self-editing and peer editing experiences as students become proficient with their attention to capital letters, periods, question marks, exclamation points, quotes, commas, and apostrophes.

In Grammar and Sentence Analysis, students get introduced to nine main parts of speech and their respective functions. During this phase, children gain hands-on experience in constructing and diagramming sentences using both Montessori materials and traditional sentence diagramming techniques. This practice plays a crucial role in building foundational writing skills. We empower our students to analyze and critique persuasive positions, nurturing their critical thinking skills. Writing well-crafted essays on various topics becomes an exciting challenge they’re eager to conquer.
At Hopscotch, art is at the heart of everything we do! We believe in the magic of art and seamlessly weave it into all aspects of our curriculum. But that’s not all; we also set aside dedicated time to nurture our students' artistic skills and fuel their creativity. Students get to explore a wide range of art forms, from the traditional to the cutting-edge world of digital art, sound, movie making, and more. It’s all about embracing different means of expression and finding their unique artistic voice.

We encourage our young artists to use art as a powerful tool for communication and self-expression. Their imaginations take flight as they create masterpieces that tell their stories and share their feelings with the world. Our students have the chance to showcase their creations to their peers and families, fostering a sense of confidence and accomplishment. Not only that, but they also get to shine in school-wide exhibitions throughout the year, where their art takes center stage and brings joy to everyone around.
Our music curriculum covers music theory, music reading, and the relationship between different instruments. In Lower Elementary grades, students explore rhythm, melody, and percussion, laying the foundation for their musical journey. As students progress to Upper Elementary, they begin to learn guitar and piano. We hold weekly community singing sessions, where children harmonize with our teachers, joyfully sharing their newfound musical talents. At our school, music becomes a vibrant thread weaving together creativity, skill, and a sense of unity.
As residents of vibrant New York City, we fully embrace the wealth of opportunities that surround us daily. We let our students expand their learning beyond the classroom, venturing into the streets, museums, parks, cultural centers, and many other places that enrich our curriculum. Our students actively participate in the daily functioning of the city. Whether it’s visiting the local florist to purchase flowers, acquiring office supplies, or budgeting their weekly allowance for snacks, children learn vital life skills through real-world experiences.
Twice a week, during afternoon classes, our students are exposed to a foreign language. Currently, our students are engaged in the study of Mandarin, French, and Spanish. The exposure provides them with a rich linguistic and cultural experience, preparing them for a diverse global society. Beyond the immediate advantage of being able to communicate in a second language, exposure to a foreign language nurtures flexible thinking. It’s known that children can learn to see things from different perspectives when they are able to use a wider range of vocabulary. As a result, when children engage with poetry, music, and conversations in foreign languages, they acquire the skill to decipher familiar concepts and make connections to larger themes.
At the heart of our enrichment classes lies a theatre, a vital part of our curriculum. In elementary classrooms, students collaborate with our theatre company, crafting original plays thrice a year. Every week children get to bring their own plays to life, taking on different characters, writing music, choreographing dances, and designing a set. Every aspect of the theatrical experience is embraced, culminating in a grand performance for parents to enjoy! Over the years, we have observed the benefit of children participating in theatre and all the various art programs we offer. Our students learn to manage their fears, take on new challenges, and discover new parts of themselves as they step into the spotlight.
At Hopscotch, we work on guiding young hearts toward a harmonious world while creating a culture of compassion and understanding. Through engaging activities and thoughtful teachings, our students learn conflict resolution, empathy, and the value of kindness. We foster a sense of global awareness and interconnectedness, nurturing a deep appreciation for diversity and unity. In such an environment, children cultivate essential life skills to become compassionate and responsible global citizens. Our students actively participate in activities that promote the development of their minds and bodies!
We offer a diverse selection of activities that promote physical expression and development for our students. Beyond individual autonomy, they actively participate in organized sports, fostering teamwork and interdependence. Additionally, children have an opportunity to engage in quieter forms of movement, like yoga, which helps them strike a balance between stillness and mindfulness, enriching their overall internal awareness. Key Features of our program include Soccer, Tennis, Dance & Choreography, Yoga, and Mindfulness, all designed to nurture holistic development and well-being.
Our Entrepreneurship curriculum aims to ignite the entrepreneurial spark within our young learners while also helping them understand the practical challenges of the real world and the importance of sustainability. By actively participating in activities like grocery shopping, library and post office visits, fundraising during Winter Charity Fair and Lemonade Day, students will learn to appreciate the value of money, sharpen decision-making skills, and master the art of resourceful planning. Children will also have an opportunity to work in teams, learning to understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and make collective decisions.
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