Join Hopscotch Montessori's Summer Program!

Unique adventures in NYC and upstate NY for ages 2 to 12.
Our summer program is open to all families, not just Hopscotch families.
This summer, our Toddler and Primary students will be studying cultures and continents from around the world. We will be giving children new experiences working together, having fun, and exploring different cultures and the world around them. Of course, we will also play with the sprinklers, have picnics at the park, and go on field trips around the city!

Each week, students will learn about different cultures through Food, Music, Art, Significant landmarks, Clothing, Language, Animals, Biomes, and a wide range of activities like organized sports and games. We are also looking forward to inviting families to share their culture. The classrooms will continue to follow our Montessori curriculum with specific attention to health, wellness, and movement. The highlight of the summer will be the grand finale, "Multicultural Fair," during the last week of the summer program.
Toddler (2-3 years) & Primary (3-6 years)
June 17th - August 23rd
Program is available at both our Upper-East-Side and Via57 locations
Families can enroll students any time over the summer (2 weeks minimum).
Are you ready to embark on a journey filled with discovery and innovation? Our six-week summer curriculum is designed to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit in young minds!

We'll be taking children to the Poconos, NY upstate, for an immersive experience in eco-entrepreneurship. Our curriculum goes beyond learning traditional business models, it places a strong emphasis on incorporating sustainable practices and environmental awareness into entrepreneurial pursuits. Students will not only delve into the foundations of entrepreneurship but also cultivate a sense of social responsibility and environmental stewardship from a young age.

From the gorgeous Poconos scenery to the bustling with ideas classroom, each week promises a unique exploration of key economic concepts and practical skills. Children will develop essential abilities like goal-setting, teamwork, and financial literacy.
Elementary School (5-12 years)
June 17th - July 26th
Program is available at our Via57 location
Families can enroll students any time over the summer (2 weeks minimum).
If you are interested in enrolling for summer weeks, please fill out the application form and write "Summer 2024" in the "Application for the school year" field. Then, indicate what schedule and weeks your child will attend.
Apply online