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In our international boutique school, we hold the pursuit of exceptional education in high regard, valuing each child's individuality through a whole child approach. Our commitment to providing a high level of service ensures that we create a nurturing environment where our students can thrive and flourish.
Key Points
At Hopscotch, we foster a balanced approach to education, blending autonomy with guidance. Each child receives a personalized academic plan designed to empower them. We integrate subjects, encouraging systems thinking which allows students to perceive education as an integral part of their own personal journey, not distinct from it. Our students gain more than knowledge; they learn to make sense of the world around them.
We take pride in our graduates who continue their education with confidence at schools worldwide, knowing they have received exceptional preparation. Montessori stands for global unity and represents a progressive learning system built upon extensive research in education and neuropsychology. Guided by its integrated curriculum, Montessori supports the whole child approach preparing them for a successful future.
Hopscotch Montessori represents a community of families and professionals from all over the globe, so our students not only embrace but also embody an international identity. At our school, children are exposed to an innovative Montessori curriculum that goes above and beyond the conventional common core standards; students explore diverse subjects, from Foreign Languages and Environmental Entrepreneurship to the STEAM program. Children cultivate global perspectives and academic competencies through our holistic curriculum.
Exceptional Teachers
Real-life Skills
City Is Our Classroom
Peace Education
Earth First
Systems Thinking
International Community
Holistic Personal Growth
Who do our students become?
  • Global citizens who possess the freedom to live and pursue education anywhere in the world. Those well-rounded individuals always seek to expand their knowledge and find genuine fulfillment in doing so.
  • Psychologically healthy and mentally resilient people who cherish the connection between their minds and bodies. They engage in sports, yoga, connect with nature, and practice mindfulness and meditation.
  • Empathic agents with high emotional intelligence and remarkable abilities in resolving conflicts effectively and gracefully.
  • Out-of-the-box thinkers who inspire adults to take a moment and reflect. They can seek out and analyze information, conduct thorough research, and make conclusions independently. They approach problems critically, and learn both "How" and "Why" behind each concept.
  • Creative and confident people who practice public speaking skills through various experiences such as Ted Talks, music, and theater.
  • Well-versed in exact sciences and technology, these learners are ready to embrace the challenges of tomorrow. They are prepared to solve problems that require analytical and rational thinking skills, entrepreneurial skills, or even software proficiency.
Hopscotch's Residency Program
Our Academy of the Arts & Enrichment Program offers a diverse range of activities that cater to every child's interests. From mastering martial arts and engaging in strategic chess matches to expressing themselves through dance and craft lessons, there's something for everyone!
Our Residency program offers immersive overnight trips to mesmerizing destinations, providing students with a unique blend of educational enrichment, exploration, and bonding. Nestled in the picturesque Poconos, our "home away from home" residency sets the stage for an unforgettable adventure.
For more information, contact us, and our team will promptly respond to your inquiries!
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