Montessori education is about…

Encouraging a child's natural love of learning


Montessori education is about…

Socialization, leadership and development of self-confidence


Montessori education is about...

Revelation of each child's potential


Montessori education is about...

Development of the «whole person»

preschoolkindergarten 3 6 year olds

Preschool/Kindergarten (3-6 year olds)

twos 2 3 year olds

TWOS (2-3 year olds)



Why Hopscotch Montessori?

At Hopscotch Montessori School you will find:

  • Certified Montessori Teachers in every classroom
  • Flexible program options, including whole day programs for each level
  • Teacher-guided support for children transitioning to Primary School
  • Toddler program for two-year-olds, to help young children become acquainted to the Montessori environment
  • Year-round programs available for each level
  • A balance between intellectual, social, and physical development
  • Special events for children and parents
  • Warm and healthy atmosphere, which respects each child’s personal development
  • The utmost respect for your child