Hopscotch Montessori now offers our specialized Montessori education program into the elementary years. All of the core academic areas are fully integrated using a cross-curricular approach, resulting in an authentic Montessori education that mimics the nature of society. Integrated curricula tend to make the study of individual subjects or ideas more relevant and related, creating a natural and authentic education.

The classroom is built to resemble a beautiful and cozy home for the comfort of our students. The organization of the school day in a Montessori classroom provides students an appropriate balance of freedom, independence, and structure, making it a unique and innovative approach towards education. Each student participates in the community by defining and pursuing his or her own needs and interests. It is genuinely student directed, teacher-facilitated education, which allows for personal ownership and agency over individual learning. For example, students choose their work plan— deciding which assignment and tasks to complete according to their own pace and learning needs. Small project-based group work is encouraged as well as individual work. Group work joins students together for opportunities to approach tasks with their peers. In these groups, students will learn to work cooperatively toward a goal while mentoring each other and being guided by the classroom teachers.

The Montessori curriculum, aligned with Common Core standards, provide a comprehensive learning experience that doesn’t rely on chronological age to determine the learning goals and outcomes. Each student is given an individualized learning plan that moves them thoughtfully and thoroughly through each academic strand. Students can move beyond the average expectation for their chronological peer group, allowing them to strive further and further towards higher levels of academic success. Students are also entitled to spend more time in areas that need additional opportunities for exploration and acquisition of skills and knowledge.

The Montessori curriculum provides an array of specially developed materials and lessons. These encourage children to construct abstract concepts using concrete materials, models, and experiences through self-directed activity, peer collaboration, and teacher interaction. These core materials become less evident as student’s progress through higher grade levels and begin the transition to symbolic and abstract conceptual understandings.